FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: I am applying to the same school as many of my friends, will working the same Advisor have the same outcome?

A: Absolutely not. Each student has different attributes to emphasize in his/her application.  Advice is certainly not uniform; it varies depending on the student’s unique strengths, extracurriculars, experiences, and even challenges throughout the process.

Q: Are there any services that are not offered as a part of the consultation programs?

A: Yes. Financial aid assistance is not offered as a part of the consultation programs at Higher EDge Scholar. There are links available online for the FAFSA application and the CSS Profile.  Schools have different methods for calculating financial aid awards.  This information is easily obtainable online.

Q: Does working with an advisor replace my need for a high school Guidance Counselor?

A: No. Your relationship with your high school Guidance Counselor is very important independent of your work with Higher EDge Scholar.  Our strategy is to individualize the college search and tackle each application based on the student needs.  A Counselor at school can provide valuable insight, such as acceptance rates at colleges for students at the same high school.  They are also responsible for preparing recommendations and suggesting appropriate classes.

Q: Will working with a Consultant guarantee that I will get into any of my choice school?

A: No. There are no guarantees that a student will be admitted into colleges.  At Higher EDge Scholar, we adhere to principals and guidelines set forth by professional organizations such as (IECA, HECA, NACAC and WACAC). It is a priority to act in good faith on behalf of the client. To guarantee entrance into a specific school would be considered unethical.

Q: Will I be more successful, if I am working with an advisor?

A: Advisors have the benefit of being able to filter information and streamline the application process for a student, offering personalize insight gained through on campus visits and honed processes for finding the best-fit schools.  There are certainly perks on expediting and individualizing the college process.