Adrienne goes beyond superficial, systemic college pairing that pervades the internet, and quite frankly, her corporate competitors. She works unconventionally to grasp what exactly is at the core of what each individual is seeking in his/her college experience, asking unique, yet relevant questions and consulting inside contacts for answers. She urges students to expand their considerations and push themselves to capitalize on the best opportunities.

Her insight on maximizing a students’ application potential coupled with her extensive network of contacts in various colleges makes for a worthwhile investment in your child’s future.

As a mother of a college student, she can empathize from all angles and has personal experience under her belt that she incorporates in helping students (and parents) deal with stress, inhibitions, etc. that are part of this transition. Over all, her concern and emotional investment in her students is sincere; playing such an integral role in setting up an individual’s future is no day job for Adrienne. It is her passion, and she works as fervently for her students as she would for her own children.

Vanderbilt University ’17:

Vanderbilt Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society (VINES);

External Partnership Chair



Adrienne was a very knowledgeable resource that helped direct our student to an exceptional summer program that helped focus her interests and inform her choice of college majors.  Adrienne was well informed about the timing to apply for financial aid, which enabled our student to attend this program with a half scholarship, without which she would not have been able to go. She provided valuable timely information on the current trends in college admissions, advising us on what colleges and universities were solid possibilities, those that were safeties and those that were reaches.

Adrienne also provided valuable critiques of our daughter’s essays that helped maintain her own unique voice throughout her compositions.  Her breadth of knowledge about the college admissions landscape and opportunities for students to broaden their experiences was invaluable.  Adrienne was trustworthy and most importantly honest about what to expect from the complex and daunting process that is college admissions in 2014. Our daughter greatly benefited from Adrienne’s counsel and expertise and was admitted to 7 of 10 of her schools including her top choice.

We would recommend her to anyone looking for help in navigating the college admissions process today.

 — Maynard & Jacki H., San Ramon, CA



My name is Thomas, and I absolutely believe and know, that Adrienne is one of the most kinds, professional, committed, and intelligent individuals I have known or worked with in my life. As a transfer student, I desired to apply to UCI, UCLA, and USC as a Political Science major, and began to work with Adrienne a few months before the applications were due. However, I had been concerned over my ability to construct quality essays for my applications because I had no idea where to begin in answering the prompts. Thankfully, Adrienne gave me the confidence and expert help I needed to construct the essays required for my application, and by the time we finished the applications I felt absolutely confident in my work and application. Through Adrienne’s expertise, guidance, professionalism, and genuine kindness I was able to submit applications, which combined with my grades to gain me admission into UCI, UCLA, and USC!!!! After much deliberation I have chosen to attend USC in the Fall and I believe it will be an amazing experience and blessing in my life. I am forever grateful to Adrienne and thankful for the great friend I have in her. I would encourage and recommend anyone who desires to develop the most powerful application and essays possible to work with Adrienne, and commit serious personal effort to their goal. In doing so I believe that with Adrienne’s help, and serious effort within the classroom no school is out of reach!!

 — Thomas N., Los Angeles, CA



Adrienne made my college application process stress-free and successful. She was very hand on with me throughout the entire process! She reviewed the entire application process with me and worked with me to set goal and deadline that were extremely important. We met on a regular basis and sometimes weekly during the writing phase. I was updated daily with text reminders in order to stay on top of my application requirements. She kept me so organized all of my applications were completed at least 3 weeks before deadlines and some sooner. Also, her essay guidance was incredible. My essays were strong and impressive. As a result I had lots of acceptances and received multiple offers from colleges. I had more than plenty of options in the end. I chose to go to a UC where I have excelled in every area and will be graduating ahead of time. Without her guidance, my college application process would have been confusing and stressful.

R. Bradley, San Ramon, CA



I was so nervous about preparing for college for my child.  When my son and I met with Adrienne, I was immediately put at ease.   She got my son highly motivated immediately with college information.  Adrienne takes the time to really to know and understand my child.  She works with his strengths and weaknesses, and communicates with us very effectively.
Getting ready for college is so much more than taking tests and writing essays, and she knows that.  She learned about what my son’s interests are and selected a few colleges and majors for him to explore.  She also selected some summer and volunteering opportunities based on his strengths and interests.  I was afraid I would miss a step in preparing for college, but with Adrienne’s assistance she has kept us on track.  She also sends out very informative newsletters and career and major ideas as well as strategies for financial planning.
My son has not only gained support on preparing for college, but he has also gained his biggest advocate and a friend in Adrienne.  I am confident that my son will attend not only a great school, but also one that fits him to a tee.

Sean & Tricia L., Danville, CA